Bsafe Online - The Nation's Best Family Internet Filter

Endorsed by Dave Ramsey, Coach Joe Gibbs, Michael Medved, Chuck Swindoll, many more

Protect yourself and your family from objectionable net content. Customizable to block the categories you want - porn, gambling, crime, drugs, social networking, hate sites, cults, and more - and specific URLs can be allowed or blocked if you need to make exceptions. This filter service operates quickly and effectively while you and your family use the web.

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Features are:

The software downloads quickly and is easy to install. I have it running on my home network and the service is up nearly 100% of the time and has required no significant maintenance issues. I've been a customer for 4 years and as the web has evolved and my children have grown from middle-school age to young adults I've been able to adapt to our needs using Bsafe. I highly recommend this internet filtering service! Annual plans start at $49.95 - a small price to pay for the protection you get.

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